Steps For Proper Fleet Management

Commercial trucking companies must comply with federal regulations to avoid penalties and potential shutdowns. Among the federal regulations are laws associated with diesel fuel and exhaust fluids. The regulations require the commercial fleet owners to add the fluids to lower the emission of harmful gases. Online suppliers provide access to the right fluids as directed by the EPA.

Select the Right Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The fleet owner is responsible for selecting the correct diesel exhaust fluid for their trucks. The regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency define which fluids are appropriate for use according to the size and model of the truck. Commercial fleet owners may be required to purchase the exhaust fluid from independent suppliers if it isn’t readily available in their area.

Add Fluids According to the EPA Regulations

The federal regulations require the commercial fleet owner to add 2.5 gallons of the fluid for every 100 gallons of diesel fuel used. For companies that travel great distances, it is necessary to keep an ample supply of the exhaust fluid on hand for drivers.

Test the Trucks for Gas Emissions

The commercial fleet owner must conduct their own testing for any potentially harmful gas emissions. The current regulation applies to nitrogen oxide emissions that are known to present serious health risks and damage the environment. Any commercial truck that doesn’t pass the official inspection cannot be operated until the necessary changes are made by the owner. If the commercial fleet owner operates the vehicle anyway, the federal agency can issue serious fines.

Comply with Federal Regulations

The commercial fleet owner must follow all EPA regulations when maintaining their trucks. Any failure to add the exhaust fluid appropriately leads to serious penalties for the business owner. It could also lead to the impoundment of the vehicles if further violations of the federal regulations are discovered.

Commercial trucking companies must follow all federal regulations associated with emissions. According to the EPA regulations, the owner must utilize the right exhaust fluids when using diesel fuel to reduce the emissions. A failure to comply could lead to hefty fines for the owner. Commercial trucking companies that want to learn more about fleet management and exhaust fluids can contact a supplier now.