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The World Created By Social Networks

The world as we know it has been transformed by social media. The mother of all social networking sites is Friendster, the first one to connect people through the messaging feature and allowed you to keep your friends on the loop by posting photos and text on your wall. Because it was not able to present users with newer and more exciting features, they lost their strong following and ultimately went into a steep decline. Then came MySpace, where all our emo selves were raised, listening to music and communicating with others who shared the same genre interests as us.

But the one which truly changed the world of social networks was Facebook. As many people have been made wary of through its movie adaptation entitled ‘The Social Network’, it was exclusively meant for Harvard, then other reputable universities, and now the world. It became a platform where you could connect to anyone anywhere who had similar interests, a quicker way of reaching out to workmates and schoolmates, speaking out your thoughts and opinions through status updates, and more that none of its predecessors ever came up with.

Though Facebook is still at the top, it has become too crowded and saturated with ads that many of its users have flocked to other top social networks of today, like Twitter and Instagram where the community is a bit more refined.

Social networking sites are not just places where you can “flex” your new purchases or rant about your frustrations, but on the commercial side, it has become an indispensable tool for companies. This is why there is now a new industry of social networking agency. A social networking agency is one that bridges the gap between companies and consumers through the use of marketing on social media. Hiring a social networking agency holds the promise of a boost in sales and a way of reaching out to new prospective customers.

The way to success in social media marketing is to listen to your target market and know how to get their attention by becoming relevant to their community. It’s not just about hiring a social networking agency that can bring your Facebook page a ton of likes, but effectively reaching your target audience with content that will make them stay with your brand.

As you may have now realized, the impact of social networks is deeper than it appears, influencing opinions, and shaping decision. Social networks have become like limbs that we cannot live without. And whether it is to our pleasure or to our distaste, social networks aren’t going to vanish real soon. What we can do is see if its future growth and innovations will help us and help the world.

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